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tba = totally-bad-ass

I do imagine my body will be relieved that the box is closed on Monday.  As seems to be Sharon’s fav. line… “today’s workout it going to be SPICY!!”  It was.  My first experience of a Saturday class and I’m told they tend to be long and hard.  I’ve also learned that when the website says WOD – tba, that’s generally not good news.  One of those “if we post this shit, no one might show up!” kinda thing.  Today’s WOD was a partner one, 31min AMRAP:

Partner A: 2 x power snatch, 4 x 20″ box jump, 6 x wall balls (as many rounds as possible until partner B is done)

Partner B: 400m run carrying 25lb plate

My partner and I toughed it through 31 rounds 🙂  The power snatch turned into a clean and press for me when I couldn’t seem to get my brain around actually doing a power snatch properly, but I kept moving ;)My everything is tired and a bit sore already.  Yet can’t wait to do it again tomorrow :p  ** interesting note – the box jumps I found the easiest part of the WOD 😮  Say what?!


Side note…  I made a paleo thai chicken salad for lunch that was absolutely awesome!!


chopped cabbage, chopped carrots, chopped green onion, chopped cashews


1 tsp toasted sesame oil, 1.5 tsp rice wine vinegar, 1/8 cup coconut aminos, 1 clove grated garlic, juice from 1/2 lime, sprinkle of cayenne, 1 heaping tbsp almond butter, water to desired consistency


when life throws u lemons

This is how my day started yesterday:

oopsGood times!  Green drink to go, well… it went.  Everywhere.  And… I was late for work.

Then I heard that my car won’t be ready for me until next week.

Then I got stuck at my store, which was busy-busy until after 4.  It was my day off.

The whining stops there 😉  Why?  Cause at 5:15 I had Crossfit 😀  That always makes me happy.  The WOD was:

– 7 rounds on the minute (OTM) power snatch , 3 reps

– 7 rounds OTM clean and jerk.

I still can’t get past the urge to giggle like it’s highschool when my coach yells to me “NICE SNATCH!!”  hehehe

This morning I went to a class before work.  It was a GOOD one 🙂  WOD for today – 7 rounds, for time:

– sumo dead lift with high pull, 12 reps

– ring dips, 12 reps

PLUS… there are only 6 sets of ring and we had 12 people, so we broke into 2 groups.  I was NOT in the first group to complete the WOD, so we got a core workout to keep us busy while the others got through it.  The core workout was 3 rounds of 30 second (per side) side plank with 35lb plate and 3 rounds side bends, 12 reps per side with 35lb kettle bell.  Our coach promised that tomorrow we should be hurting if we try to bend, twist… or laugh.  Haha!  It’s the gleeful huge grin on her face that makes me realise we share that little sadistic side when it comes to working out.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  😉  I’m also not strong enough yet to complete the prescribed ring dips without the help of a resistance band.  I got through them all, but as I started to get tired I gave myself a couple nice rubber welts across the legs and forearms.  Battle scars :p  One girl smacked herself in the face!  Made me not feel so bad…

no sugar-coating

talk crossfitI read this little e-card yesterday… I laughed, then felt a little guilty. I got over it. Crossfit is something I LOVE to do. I thought about redirecting my blogging rambles to include more variety of randomness. I have lots of randomness… but I got over that too. It’s something I love to do, and love to talk about. It’s my blog :p I can ramble about whatever I want. :p Food makes me happy too, so I will throw some Paleo awesomeness in here too. So yesterday, in my moments of feeling guilty for my crossfit obsession, I decided I really should keep track of my food for a week or so just to see where I could make some adjustments to my diet to help fuel my body better. I’ve had a few really tired days lately, and I’m pretty sure my nutrition could be to blame. Don’t get me wrong, I eat very well and very rarely sneak in little cheats, but when I don’t have the time to prepare food for the week I end up having a plain old chicken breast and lettuce for lunch and dinner every day and get bored. When I get bored, I just don’t feel like eating and get a coffee instead. When I don’t bother to eat I get run down and tired. Then when I get tired, I don’t feel like cooking. Things can get out of hand quickly :p Soooo… I’m getting back on track. Making an effort to include a proper balance of fat, protein and carbs in each meal too. Here’s what I ate today:


Breakfast – green protein shake: kale, spinach, few slices of frozen strawberry, few blueberries & 1/2 scoop plain whey powder
Lunch – spaghetti squash with spicy turkey tomato sauce and avocado
Dinner – turkey meatloaf muffins, sweet potato & Brussels sprouts
Snack – carrots, celery sticks & 1 tbsp sun butter (not in the picture)

Pretty awesome lunch, which I was all proud of and excited about. Until… my wonderful staff decided to get two orders of cheesy garlic bread to share for dinner. The intoxicating smell of garlic that polluted my office put a bit of a damper on my dinner. Jerks. Bt at least the smell of garlic was strong enough to hide the microwaving of my Brussels. The smell like crap, but oh so good… Customers have complained before. :p

No crossfit for me today. Woke to brilliant sunshine so decided to go for a run instead 🙂 threw in a few good hill intervals for fun and found a new trail to try that turned my usual 5km run into 8.25km. On my way back home, I took a different route and discovered this:20130730-123706.jpg

All this time I’ve been bugging my dad to build me a box to work on my box jumps at home, and I had this right in front of me. This wall is perfect! Starts not very high and gradually increases with the slope of the hill. Simple pleasures, I know :p but I was so excited! Hopped on up until I found a height that was challenging, then called it a day… Now I just need to come up with a way to mark my achievement so i know where the “bar” stands for the next attempt without the construction guys wringing my neck 😉

I’m baaaaaack!!

Oh my!  It’s been 3 months since I’ve written anything 😮  I’m not dead, don’t you worry.  I haven’t been slacking or eating garbage either.  Last I wrote, I had just finished my 5km run at the Toronto Marathon.  I must confess, I think I sugar-coated that a bit.  It was brutal.  I was ok with my time, but I felt like death crossing the finish line.  It was an eye-opener for sure, and not something I want to ever repeat.  Since then, my running regime has increased.  In June this genius went into a triathlon sort of weekend where I double booked myself with an 8km Spartan Race on Saturday, a 5km Color Me Rad run on Sunday, and ball hockey Sunday night.  I actually found myself somewhat dreading it as the weekend approached, but once I got rolling, it was a great experience 🙂

Last weekend, I got to “pay it forward” in terms of sharing my love of fitness with two people who mean a lot to me 🙂  Last year, my younger sisters came to watch me crawl through the mud at Spartan Race and expressed an interest in giving it a try.  So…  last Christmas, I registered the 3 of us as a team for the Warrior Dash 🙂  We had a GREAT time!  The start of the race wasn’t so smooth since it involved a longish uphill run, but once we got to the obstacles, they were all smiles again 🙂

This year seems to have taken a fairly strong focus on mud/obstacle runs and random 5kms, of which I’m half way through 🙂  For the obstacle/mud runs: Spartan and Warrior completed, Mud Hero and Bad Ass Dash still to come.  For the random 5kms: Toronto Marathon and Toronto Color Me Rad completed, Kitchener Color Me Rad to come.  What have I learned from it all?  I’m a nut.  Oh, and while the mud runs are fun to complete by yourself to get a good read of just what you are capable of, the color run sucked having no one to throw chalk packs at but myself.  Lame.  It will be better the second time through since I’ll be doing it with my sister 🙂

Last topic of interest for today… July 8 I joined a crossift box in Waterloo.  😀  I friggin LOVE it.  This morning’s WOD was killer.  Walking up the stairs is a challenge.  My hands hurt from all the pull-ups.  BUT I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.  It’s hugely addicting.  **which YES is a real word.  I’ve been bitching for a while now that it isn’t an adjective, but was proven wrong yesterday.  Fine.  Crossfit is addicting.

fitness and food frustration

So, I’m going to throw in a few random updates since I haven’t said much in a while.  Winter ball hockey has wrapped up and the summer sessions are in full swing.  Playing Wed. and Sun. nights and have found adding jump lunges and mountain climbers to my regular workouts has very possible helped my speed and agility running the larger summer hockey surface.  I’ve also added a run or two back into my week now that the weather has finally turned more favorable.  It would have been better if I had tossed this back in earlier leading up to the 5km run at the Toronto Marathon, but it is what it is!  :p  I survived 😀  Finished the run in 27 min and change, coming in 16/128 in my category.  Not my best time ever, but more than 2 1/2 minutes faster than last year so I’m ok with that.

This past Tuesday, my love-hate relationship with box jumps lost any remaining love.  I did my first set of 10 reps like a champ, then half way through the second set… I ATE IT.  HARD.  Gashed my toe pretty deep, cut/bruised my shin and bruised my knee.  I’ve decided I’m done with box jumps in the gym.  :p  At least in the privacy of my own apartment I can wear my shin pads!  haha…

Now here comes the NUTRITION part of my ramblings…  Listen, I get it.  When it’s a physical change you are after in terms of losing weight or building muscle, nutrition is way more than half the battle.  I know that it won’t matter how many hours of grunting through even the toughest of workouts I do if I don’t hold up the nutrition end of the deal.  I get it… well the concept side of it anyway.  I thought I was doing everything right.  I eat well.  I’ve been following a Paleo life for more than a year now which is full of plenty of fresh veggies, meats, eggs and healthy fats.  My diet is FREE of legumes, grains and dairy.  My diet is relatively FREE of the processed, pre-prepared, “convenience” foods.  With the exception of the odd protein bar (only the Quest variety, which is the cleanest thing I can find…).  I eat REAL food.  I prepare my own meals and have gotten used to the time it takes to do so.  So where am I going wrong?  April 21st I finished a 100 day transformation challenge with a goal to gain muscle.  Five-six times per week, I did the work.  I went to the gym and followed my “recipe” of heavy lifting for an hour or more.  But at the end of the 100 days, while I can say I noticed a fairly impressive improvement in how much I can lift, the muscle building I was looking for fell a bit short.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that females have a harder time building muscle than males.  Bla, bla, bla…  Two days ago, I was chatting with a friend at a local nutrition store and he told me a few things that led me to believe I had possibly been looking at things a little backwards.  My mind had only considered the importance of eating more protein to build muscle, but in actual fact I’m told that carbs are just as important (if not more so).  Carb cutting not the best way to go?  Based on my height, age, weight and fitness level I should be consuming 2200 calories a day (without workout calories) to build lean muscle mass is the goal.  2200 calories?  That thought seems crazy to me!  That’s a LOT of Brussels sprouts!  That also would have been good to know back in January…

I need to go back to school…  Nutrition is a topic I find absolutely fascinating, but really feel there is so many elements I know NOTHING about…

bridge the gap…

The gender gap still exists, and is painfully obvious at times…  I’ve been formulating this post in my head for a few days now and the hurdle I’ve struggled to overcome is the one that governs how to say what I’m feeling without offending anyone.  Today I decided, ‘F IT. 

A coworker of mine got involved in a fitness program called “man camp” at a local gym along the same timeline as my own 100 day challenge at my gym.  We both are huge fitness enthusiasts who swap new exercise ideas and share workout tips.  After finishing my challenge, I was not overly impressed with the program I was involved in and looking for something new.  When I asked about the programs available at Dave’s gym he offered to check it out for me.  The response I got was not impressive.  “Sorry, man camp is for dudes.”  Was the response Dave got from his trainer.  “There’s a bootcamp that’s just for chicks.”  Let’s clarify for a minute…  I may be only 5’4” (on a tall day) and weigh in at 120lb (ish), but I am no “chick”.  I was looking to play with the boys as my goals are along the same lines as theirs, to gain strength and build muscle.  I can already squat/deadlift more than my body weight.  I just wanted a new challenge to help push myself to do more…  I won’t give up though.  I’ll just continue to look for somewhere that appreciates a woman who is stronger than the average “chick”


Paleo vs. the flu

Yup, bad news.  What are the most common things to turn to when trying to get over the flu?  Chicken noodle soup and crackers.  Paleo?  No, and definitely not.  Great.  Wednesday morning I woke up feeling incredibly weak, run down, and sweating like crazy.  And that was just the start.  Spent the day either sleeping, or practically crawling from my bed to the washroom to bow to the mighty porcelain thrown.  Throwing up sucks.  Not as much as dry-heaving, but yeah…  Only happy note from the whole experience, my jeans fit great again 😀

Enough of that lovely conversation.  Two days later I AM feeling considerably better, but still weaker than I’d like to be considering tonight is the start of a little hockey marathon.  Tournament tonight, tomorrow and possibly Sunday (if my team manages to squeak through by some random act of god).  Then regular Acton league game Sunday night.  Then Championships for my other league Monday night.  By Tues, I should be dead if I can’t come up with a means of building my energy back up again :p  Ah well, here’s to trying…

pain and pleasure

I suck, I know!  I’m not generally one to make excuses, but here comes a big one.  I haven’t been blogging cause the pain in my leg has been SO bad lately.  To the point I have given up on my stubbornness towards taking something for the pain some nights…  The morphine numbs the pain, but it also numbs my brain.  Not a huge fan of that, but sometimes there’s only so much one person can take.  As for the blog drought, sitting at my computer is agony.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad.  😦  And there has been lots I have wanted to write about!  My 100 day challenge ended Sunday.  I will be taking some “after” photos in the next few days, but will have to try to get ahold of “before” pics from my trainer.  This smart guy didn’t take any.  Awesome.  :p  Not really sure they will show a whole lot of a difference, but I KNOW I do feel stronger!  Yesterday I was supposed to meet a coworker at the gym.  I had planned 2 hours of gym time into my day to fit in my workout, and help her out as well.  When she didn’t show up, I was SO excited!  Two hours to do nothing but kick MY a**?!?!  Right on!  😀  So I did!  It’s crazy really, when it comes to physical activity, my leg is FINE.  Also the part of the day when I am completely happy 🙂

Wanna talk HAPPY??  Let me talk about accomplishments for a minute.  😀  Box jumps.  I can do them physically, but my head prevents me from doing them well sometimes.  Some days I stand in front of the box and we just connect.  I spring up onto it like it’s nothing!  Other days though, my head tells me I can’t do it before I’ve even tried.  It’s usually those days that I smash my shins.  Why is it our subconscious can sometimes set us up for failure?  Anyways, enough of that.  Yesterday I had one of my best leg workouts to date, which included 40 brilliant box jumps.  That’s right 😉 


One more accomplishment I’m proud of is chest dips.  When I started my 100 day challenge back in January, I was barely able to perform one quality chest dip.  Since all the workouts in my current program involve 4 sets of each exercise, I have worked HARD to build up my performance with these.  I was happy with the progress I was making… had built up to 4 sets with 5, 4, 4, 3 reps consecutively.  Then today, something was different.  I don’t totally know what happened, but chest dips and I became best friends for a moment.  🙂   It was the weirdest thing… I felt like I weighed nothing for a moment or two!  Very strange, but I’ll take it!

The last two weeks (ish) I’ve not felt my usual strength through my workouts.  My mind was telling my arms/legs to LIFT, but they were not so willing to oblige.  I just figured I was over training and needed a bit of a break.  While this may have been the case, I also decided to switch back from banana pancake breakfasts to my old routine of 1/2 a baked sweet potato mixed with a dash of cinnamon and a scoop of protein powder.  I figured that adding a little extra carbs back into my life might be just what I needed to get things back in gear.  After two days of incredible workouts, I’m getting the feeling I may have been right!

Strong kicks skinny

Ok, if you’ve read my blog at all before this point, you already know that “legs” is my favourite workout by far.  I look forward to “legs” day every week… but the day after is often one I dread 😦  Ever have one of those days where you contemplate throwing in the towel completely?  The reason I hate the day after legs day, which sometimes turns into a multi-day hatred, is NOT because I’m sore or stiff (LOVE that part!).  Not because walking up the stairs at work is sometimes a real challenge (LOVE that part too!).  It’s because I HATE when I put on a pair of jeans and feel like my quads are sn’aussaged in!  Sn’aussage should be a word… it fits when the pants don’t.  I should be happy, I know.  I’m getting wicked strong quads and hammys, but… ya. 

Let me ramble about the pressures society places on females for a moment.  I may be gay, but I’m still a girl.  Part of the reason for this rant comes from a comment made yesterday at my gym from an older gentleman who suggested that I shouldn’t be lifting the weight that I am.  “Girls meant to lift like that…”  Was mumbled as he walked away.  REALLY?!?!  I would love to take this as a sign that he was impressed with my strength, but that’s not the way it came out.  Take a look in a magazine for a second, and I’m not talking Oxygen or anything body-building related.  They get it.  Every where you look the media portrays the female “ideal” as a skinny, scrawny stick figure who barely has the strength to lift her mucho-grande-non-fat-no-taste latte to her lips.  A while ago, I saw a bunch of ads out there promoting a shift in this mentality that were inspiring in my mind.


strong-is-the-new-skinnyI totally agree!  Girls who buy into this mentality can be a force to be reckoned with!  Strong bodies and healthy lifestyles should never be anything to be ashamed of.  hypocrite?  Yes, maybe…  I never find myself ashamed or embarrassed that I can crush 4 sets of squats with 135lbs rested on my shoulders.  That’s right!  🙂  Personal best yesterday!  AND I do get over the tight jeans eventually.  I also don’t complain about it in public :p  That’s what blogging is for…

rock on 365

Today is a day to celebrate 🙂 Today is my one year anniversary since i made the decision to give this whole Paleo thing a “30 day trial”.  Now one year later I’m still living it up!  I’ve learned to really enjoy the food I put in my body and make the right choices to fuel me through my crazy life.  While it hasn’t been a miracle cure, I have noticed a difference in the consistency of energy levels throughout my day.  As someone living with MS, this has been a huge victory in my mind!  iPhone I first started this journey, I used to celebrate every month as an anniversary of success.  While I’m a little beyond that now, the one year mark is still a big accomplishment for me 🙂 if I put my mind to something, I CAN succeed. Disease or no disease, I am a fighter.

Friday was one of those long slow days at work where all I could think about was how much I’d rather have spent the whole day sweatin’ it hard-core at the gym.  Got out early  and ROCKED a stellar 30 minute run and 60 minutes of heavy lifting.  😀  It was “leg day” which tends to have me jumping out the door eager to go lift the big sh*t.  My fav. part I think is still when the dude gets on the machine after me and has to do a double take to look at who was lifting that.  Hahaha…  I may not look like much, but one woman  a few weeks ago said to her friend “she’s a TANK” and I just giggled.  That’s right.  I can pound out 4 sets of v-squats with 215lbs stacked on the machine.

Saturday was inventory night at my part-time job.   It was a sh*t storm, but at least it’s over!

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