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Fri. Sept. 19:

Crossfit = expect the unexpected.  When life throws you a kettlebell(s) do you:

a) RUN!!!   OR     b) clean the b*tch and SQUAT

21-15-9 Reps of:
Front Squats **   2x #25 DB
Lateral Barbell Burpees
*50 Double-Unders after each round, ** 2x kettlebells or dumbbells

Time – 11:27

Coach SHARON is BACK!!!  😀


Not to offend the awesome coaching styles of Dave, but Friday coffee WOD belongs to the ladies.  And typically one token male.  Although today there was a fairly even mix and a lot of attempted WOD-hijacking.  Anyways, this WOD was good in a love-hate sort of way.  Although, what WOD isn’t I guess?  As in, I loved it once it was over, but had many moments of hating it through the 11+ minutes it took me to complete.  I don’t blame for my own suck, but today I’m torn whether to point a finger at allergies, or DK who may have shared his cold.  The front squats were a whole new challenge using dumbbells instead of a bar, but the suck came when doing the lateral jumping burpee crap.  My lungs weren’t working like they should.  As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t seem to breathe properly.  Annoying.  The double unders I think weren’t an entire write off.  In conversation with a friend later I joked about how my doc still refuses to just cut off my leg.  This being the same leg that has given me nerve pain problems for years.  “That might really impede your double unders.” she commented.  But truth be told, it might actually be easier!  It’s typically my “lazy” right leg that catches the rope.  And trips me when running.  And causes the box jump fails.  Etc, etc, etc…  but I guess rope climbs would be pretty tough.  And having to pistol-squat ALL forms of squats.

Oh look!  It happened again.  I’m becoming the queen of the random tangents.  Thankfully when it happens in text form, I can back-track and remember what I was originally talking about.  Although, I’m not alone.  Somehow Coach Dave’s question about “how are the bathrooms?” this morning received my comment about needing more shower hooks, which turned into girls being more bathroom-private than guys, which lead to a group rant about how all privacy concerns go out the window the more wrinkly (and OLD) you become and eventually it seems to be a free-for-all to flaunt EVERYTHING in public change rooms without a care in the world while the younger generations hurry about their business feeling totally uncomfortable.  A part of me can’t wait to get to the point where I just don’t care anymore.  It was a pretty humorous group chat session, non-the-less.

Know the commercials – this is your brain on drugs?


Well, this completely disorganized pile of ramblings is my brain without nuts.  I’m still fighting that battle, although today I’m winning.  At least that’s my story…  I wrote up another big pile of chaos yesterday but it had so many loose ends that I never did hit publish.  I was tired.  Like, I think I made it to 9:00 before going to bed but I’m not entirely sure.

Well, I figure I need to at least post some of what I wrote yesterday cause there’s WOD details (“data” Coach Dave calls it) that I’ll appreciate later.


Thurs. Sept. 18 7:30am

Game plan as of yesterday afternoon – 6am WOD today. Game plan as of 10:30pm yesterday – 7:30am WOD today. It’s my “day off” (well, from Henry’s anyways. Oh, the beauty of choice!)

3 Rounds of:
30- Calorie Row/Sally 😉
30- Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
30- Box Jumps (24/20)

Time – 15:27 Rx

Crossfit is not just about Rx’ing a WOD. It’s not just about hitting killer PRs. Every person takes something different away from the experience, but there IS something for everyone. Today, during the kettlebells in round 2, I hit that dark moment that happens sometimes during a “thinking” WOD. The moment where you find yourself at a crossroads between just giving up (some days it’s really tempting!) or fighting through the suck and coming out stronger than your mind thought you could.  Work has put me in a similar place lately on more than one occasion, and the grit I’ve gained from my hours at the box has helped get out of that dark place too.



3 months down, 2 months to go. I’m referring to my double-store situation and I am now at the point where I will admit I’m counting the days. Last week I had a few rough days of coming to the realization that there was just way too much on my plate. Between losing staff heading back to school (from an already bare-bones crew), the need to recruit, interview and hire for both stores, inventory prep and employee review deadlines, I was kind of overwhelmed. I’m usually pretty good at taking everything in stride, but new things kept popping up and I felt as though I was drowning a little. Employee reviews were due last Monday. I’ve drafted them, but only had one meeting. Inventory is held company-wide on the same day, so I have 2 stores to prep at the same time and get to attend the physical count first in Waterloo at 8:00am, then in Cambridge at 5:00pm. All I can say is that I’m praying we get good Wizards!! (counters) I had the posting placed two weeks ago for the part-time positions in Waterloo and Cambridge. *crickets chirping*… I’ve yet to receive 1 resume. Anyways, this sums up the back ground noise in my mind over the last 14 ish days. Might explain why I’ve actually been kinda grumpy? Totally not my style… Also might explain why my super powers haven’t been at full capacity. The morning WOD can be considered an example, although I wasn’t totally useless…

Tues. Sept. 16 6:00am

7 rounds, On the 3:00 Minutes:
400m Run/Row or “Saly” run
12- Toes to Bar sit-ups

100 wallballs w/ a partner #8

Ok, I did a few toes 2 bar in the warm-up which felt good. Then in round 1 all I could manage was knees 2 elbows?? And barely got them within the 3 minute mark, so I switched to sit-ups. I felt like my battery was fully charged when we began, but drained SUPER quick?! Arg. Then for the wallballs, I grabbed a #12 and a #8 for my partner, but Coach Dave said NO. 1 wallball per pair. Boo 😦 I decided to use the top target to at least get a little extra out of the super-light ball.

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