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move it, move it

It’s Ladies Week at CFD!!¬† Or Monday and Tuesday anyways ūüėȬ† Monday I met Mary for the first time.¬† She kicked my butt pretty good.¬† Then Tuesday I did two girls before work.¬† (haha)¬† I was tired and sore and really didn’t have high expectations, but PR’d my time for both!¬† I’d have to guess I¬†over-scaled, but was happy I felt like I was moving the bar really well.

Tues. Aug. 25:

‚ÄúGRACE‚Ä̬†For Time:
30- Clean & Jerks #135/#95   #75
**10 Minute Time Cap**
Rest 5 Minutes, then:
‚ÄúISABEL‚Ä̬†For Time:
30- Snatches #135/#95   #55

Grace time Р3:16   Isabel time Р1:56

Mon. Aug. 24:

‚ÄúMary‚ÄĚ AMRAP in 20 Minutes
5РHandstand Pushups  3
10РPistol Squats, Alternating   6
15РPullups   9

Result – 10 Rounds

Dear Mary, Thank you for your pistol squats and the sore BUTT I still have.  Sincerely, Kate.

I’ve come to terms

Ok, I’m officially tired of being hungry all the time.¬† I can’t be alone here.¬† This week I’ve spent 3% of my time sweating my tail off at the box, another 5% trail walking or running with Yuko, 33% working, 27% sleeping and about 99% of the not sleeping time HUNGRY.¬† It’s stupid.¬† I’m not on a restrictive diet or cleanse.¬† I’m not eating crap.¬† Just always hungry.¬† This being said, it’s potentially about to get a lot worse.¬† Why?¬† Cause seeing as I’m clearly in calculation mode today, I came to the realization that my love affair with Kraft All Natural peanut butter is not helping me fit into my fall-is-coming clothing.¬† I love it so much… but pack your things PB, we’re through. ¬†Note- if you’re wondering how the hell I got into eating this shit, there was possibly some moment of starvation where I realized the all natural PB I was buying to stuff Yuko’s Kong toys with wouldn’t kill me to have a little… Shit rolled down hill. ¬†Fast.

Saturdays are non-WOD days typically for me, so Yuko and I headed to the trail for a short run this morning ūüôā¬† It was bright and quite cool at 7:15am and the trail was empty.¬† Perfect ūüôā

yuko run

Post WOD yesterday when the group headed out for our little 1 mile flush, I was pleasantly surprised to notice how easy the uphill trot to Northfield felt.¬† My hill runs are paying off ūüôā¬† The pooped out puppy currently napping at my feet would suggest they are paying off for him as well.¬† Actually, a customer made a comment the other day that hurt my heart a little.¬† “He looks so bored!” he mentioned when noticing the cute bundle of fur curled up and napping beside my behind the sales counter.¬† “He’s not bored, he gets a LOT of exercise!¬† He’s just tired”¬†was my response.¬† It’s true!¬† I also asked the customer if he had a dog.¬† When he said yes, I asked where he was… “at home.” was his response.¬† And my dog is bored?¬† Another of the things this experience has taught me – people often don’t really think before they speak.

Tomorrow is the MS Bike Tour in Niagara.¬† The 75km trek I participated in for several years, but haven’t in a few.¬† The reminder emails I’ve received this week have brought back a bunch of memories ūüôā¬† There was the time I felt like a total badass after passing a whole line of cycling club riders only to have the whole line return the favour a few minutes later by bowing past us like we were standing still.¬† Or the dude saying “I hope you girls are ready for the big hill ahead!” referring to the bump in the road to get up on the overpass.¬† Aparently he didn’t notice we were on mountain bikes.¬† LOL!¬† While I have no question in my mind of whether or not I could still do the ride (even though I haven’t so much as sat on my bike once this year!) it’s just not something I have any interest in doing anymore.¬† You know when you do something as much to share the experience with someone else as to experience it yourself?¬† This was one of those things, but the memories will last a life time.



blank space


Right??  The last point killed me.  LOL

This week has been the first time that I can remember that I’ve just not enjoyed most of the WODs. ¬†I mean, they’ve been a good workout, very metcon-ish. ¬†Suck it up buttercup, I know. ¬†I just miss a heavy barbell :p ¬†Today I was working alongside a friend who I often partner WOD with lately. ¬†In I think the middle of round 4 I heard a subtle “I hate my life right now…” from her direction. ¬†That was one of those moments where I realize I’m not alone ūüėČ

Fri. Aug. 21:

Five rounds for time of:
50 Feet- Overhead Walking Lunges #45/#35
21- Burpees

Time –¬†12 something.

My shoulders were screaming the whole way through this. ¬†Yesterday had dumbbell shoulder assassination, so I wasn’t totally surprised. ¬†Hope I wasn’t the only person who feared they might face plant the first rep of burpees like¬†every¬†round. ¬†Post-WOD a bunch of us went for a nice little mile run to flush out the legs ūüôā ¬†Wonder pup came along. ¬†He’s become the greatest running buddy. ¬†Cross your fingers he gets into the breeding program and stays with me please!


My favourite this week for sure was Hero Tuesday ūüôā ¬†I¬†lapped Coach Sharon by an entire round! ¬†She still blames the fact that she let me park my bar in front of the fan (possibly true), but I’ll take it as a huge WIN anyways!

Tues. Aug. 18:


Seven rounds for time of:
15- Kettlebell Swings
15- Power Cleans #95
15- Box Jumps

Time –¬†18:50 Rx

whatever works

Sometimes I get a strange look when the answer to the question “So, what are you doing tonight?” is along the lines of “Like, after 9:30?¬† Sleeping!”.¬† Maybe I should follow this with the question “So, what were YOU doing at 5:00 this morning?”¬† Put things in perspective a little.¬† No, I’m not an 80-year-old, my life just exists in a different time zone than the majority of the population.¬† Today looks like this:

5:00am Out of bed.¬† Coffee, food prep and puppy cuddle time.¬† The intention was 5:30, but I’m preprogrammed.

7:00am Hike with Yuko.  5.5km of beautiful rolling hills with the wonder-pup.

9:30am Crossfit. 

Teams of 2:
Row 1000 meters
80 Box Jumps
60 Kettlebell Swings
40 Hang Cleans   #85/#75
40 Toes to Bar
60 Burpees
80 Shoulder to Overhead   #75/#65
Time – 30:00+ (I think!)

Today was a sweaty mess.  Like, the kind of day where despite the polar-dip-style shower after, I still sweat profusely for the next hour.  Started too heavy on both the barbell movements and made the team decision to shave weight off.

11:00am Work.  No comment.  It pays for everything else.

6:00pm¬†Ball Hockey.¬† Fully expect this to be another total sweat-fest.¬† Especially knowing we will be short players tonight and it’s 4,000 degrees outside.

9:00pm (ish) Home.¬† My days can be marathons, so YES.¬† I will likely be in bed before 10:00pm, but that works just fine for me ūüôā



I may have discovered the secret to hitting a new PR for fastest mile run. Took the dog for a run this morning, despite the weather geeks calling for rain and regardless of the dark ish clouds. Ran nearly to the 2km mark when the skies absolutely opened. Pretty sure Yuko and I stopped dead, stared at each other for a second, then turned around and sprinted. My first thought was – just run till the tree cover blocked some of the down pour. But there was thunder too so at some point the plan changed to just get your ass back to the car! Fastest mile I’m quite certain. Uphill most of the way too! My run coach was happy to pick up the pace too! Loves to swim, but doesn’t really like to be wet. And I call him my run coach, cause he’s happiest running with a stick in his mouth. If I slow down sometimes I get the stick across the back of my ankles. “Pick it up slacker!” – Yuko.

It never gets easier

You just get better. ¬†That’s what I’ve read… Although I’m not sure you get better, or just build a greater capacity for dealing with the “suck”. ¬†When I talk about being sore, or bruised some think I’m complaining. ¬†No one did this to me, I did it all by myself and I’m proud off all the work it took to get there. ¬†:-p ¬†Except ripped hands. ¬†When that happens I probably really am complaining.

As usual, this wasn’t published the day it was written so I have more awesomeness to add:

“G.I. Jane”

100 burpee pull-ups

Time – 22:51 (I think)

What a mental game this one is. I could have said “eff this!” And walked away a few times. ¬†Ok few like a lot. ¬†This week has been HEAVY doses of stuff and parts still hurt a bit from Sunday. ¬†And Monday. ¬†And a LOT from Tuesday…


It’s been a while, but life is good. ¬†Summers are busy, and not the Canadian weather where I want to sit in front of my computer. ¬†This being said, we’ve had some pretty awesome and important WODs lately that I need to document. ¬†¬†Intended to stick to the Tuesday WODs, but I threw a Friday WOD into the mix too cause it left me hurting for days after. When Karen was the dose for today and I realized I either haven’t done it straight up before, or I’ve failed to write about it. ¬†Would love to have a time to compare to next time around! ¬†Tuesday’s are now Benchmark WOD day. ¬†For the last two weeks it was hero WODs, then today Karen. ¬†She is no hero.

Tues. Aug. 11:


For Time:
150- Wallballs 20lbs/14lbs

Time –¬†8:58

Rx’d the WOD, then scaled the post-WOD run with the dog. ¬†I’d call it a brisk walk, but even then I’d be lying.

Tues. Aug. 4:

30 Rounds of:
5- Wallballs
3- Handstand Pushups
1- Power Clean #225/#155

Time –¬†41:40

This WOD is Sharon’s fav. ¬†Not sure I can say the same. ¬†My predictions were a little off though, since I expected the wallballs to suck a lot more than they did. ¬†It was the handstand pushups that killed me. ¬†By about round 25, I was well beyond stringing the 3 together and more to the point of needing at least 2 attempts for the 3rd rep, then 2nd and 3rd rep. ¬†Just couldn’t seem to kip hard enough to lock out! ¬†It wasn’t pretty, but I finished it ūüėÄ

Fri. July 31:

For Time:
20- Sumo Deadlift High Pull #95/#65
40- Thrusters #115/#75(20)/#65
60- Deadlift #135/#95 #85
30- Alternating Front Rack Lunges #135/#95  #85

Time – ??

Jeezuz!! ¬†I already had PTSD from thrusters in the Open and the Showdown Throwdown. ¬†This didn’t help. ¬†#85 deadlifts? ¬†pffft, piece of cake. ¬†Wrong. ¬†At that point, the empty bar might have felt tough. ¬†Then came the lunges… a few reps I pretty much “took a knee” and had a moment of “oh crap. ¬†I’m stuck.”, but figured it out and finished. ¬†Right before the WOD Coach Dave came over and tossed me a “Rx McDowell. ¬†All the way through, you got this!” ¬†I tried ūüėÄ ¬†made it half way through the thrusters before shaving 10lbs off. ¬†While I cried to my bar.

Tues. July 28:

Tuesdays have become Hero WOD day. ¬†Today was a beauty. ¬†Yuko came with me for the first 1.5 mile run, then lay plastered to the floor while I completed the rest. ¬†Pretty happy with my time ūüôā ¬†especially while towing a 50lb+ lab.


For Time
1.5 Mile Run
150- Burpees
1.5 Mile Run

Time –¬†40:19

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