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Sometimes I get a strange look when the answer to the question “So, what are you doing tonight?” is along the lines of “Like, after 9:30?  Sleeping!”.  Maybe I should follow this with the question “So, what were YOU doing at 5:00 this morning?”  Put things in perspective a little.  No, I’m not an 80-year-old, my life just exists in a different time zone than the majority of the population.  Today looks like this:

5:00am Out of bed.  Coffee, food prep and puppy cuddle time.  The intention was 5:30, but I’m preprogrammed.

7:00am Hike with Yuko.  5.5km of beautiful rolling hills with the wonder-pup.

9:30am Crossfit. 

Teams of 2:
Row 1000 meters
80 Box Jumps
60 Kettlebell Swings
40 Hang Cleans   #85/#75
40 Toes to Bar
60 Burpees
80 Shoulder to Overhead   #75/#65
Time – 30:00+ (I think!)

Today was a sweaty mess.  Like, the kind of day where despite the polar-dip-style shower after, I still sweat profusely for the next hour.  Started too heavy on both the barbell movements and made the team decision to shave weight off.

11:00am Work.  No comment.  It pays for everything else.

6:00pm Ball Hockey.  Fully expect this to be another total sweat-fest.  Especially knowing we will be short players tonight and it’s 4,000 degrees outside.

9:00pm (ish) Home.  My days can be marathons, so YES.  I will likely be in bed before 10:00pm, but that works just fine for me 🙂


purely WODing


I failed to celebrate a few posts ago now… This is #304. 🙂 That’s a LOT of my randomness released out into the blogging world.  Sadly enough, I still complain about some of the same stuff.  But I’ve also come a long way baby! 🙂 With the help of my CFD family, I’ve found a place where I truly feel I belong. I’ve learned so much about myself – not all of which has been good discovery.  I’ve become stronger mentally, and WAY stronger physically. I’ve set some fears aside and found confidence I never could have imagined possible. Happy 304 🙂  #boxlove

This is a looooong one.  Sorry!  The longer I put off pressing “publish”, the longer it gets!  With every day that passes I have another WOD to add to the list.  Reality.  Deal with it.

Tues. Oct. 28:

30-20-10: Squat Cleans (#135/#95) #65
15-10-5: Strict Handstand Pushup seated strict press #45

Time – 10:34 (I think?)

Ok, this WOD doesn’t sound epicly terrible on paper.  I mean, I knew the handstand push-ups would be something I’d scale.  Also knew I wouldn’t be going Rx for 60 squat cleans.  But didn’t anticipate the reaction of the 6am class!  Smarti even called me as I was on my way to the box with a warning of “holy SH*T this one is awful!!”.  I just laughed and thanked her for the warning to not go to heavy.  When aren’t they at least a little awful?  Isn’t that a little bit the point?  But when I got to the box and another 6am’er blocked my path in and said “just turn around and get back in your car!  Dave hasn’t seen you yet, you still have a chance!”  I took it a bit more seriously.  End of the day, the extra warning could be the reason I think I over-scaled.  Like, don’t think my strict presses should have all been unbroken sets.  While I won’t at all say this was a piece of cake, I didn’t hate it.  And finished faster than I should have.  All good though.  Gave me some time post WOD to work on some handstand holds and kipping handstand push-ups.  <— like, I actually got 1 (maybe 2) reps where I got some air between my head and the abmat!  Haha!!  I’ll take it!  It’s all about progress, right?


burpees now

Mon. Oct. 27:

AMRAP 15 Minutes:
10- Toes to Bar
15- Burpees
40- Double-Unders

Result – 5 rounds

I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that Mondays just aren’t my best day of the week.  Last night, I read this WOD and got kind of excited 🙂  A chance for some toes to bar (love).  Some burpees (not love, but generally not hate) and a good chunk of double unders practice.  Then Monday happened.  Actually, I’ll be more specific… it was 6:00am so Monday can’t really take all the blame since such a minimal amount of it have even happened yet.  I’m going to change my statement to Monday WODs just aren’t my best – as a result of the Saturday and Sunday that lead up to them.  Party animal?  Nooooo.  Saturday at work was busy (in Cambridge too!) and felt even busier when a staff member had to leave for a family emergency.  Just myself and one sales person.  ALL day.  And I brought minimal food cause my fridge was almost empty.  Plus zero water.  Fail.  Then Sunday I crammed 3 days worth of stuff into 1 afternoon.  Again, minimal food and little water.  Could explain how crazy dizzy and brutally sluggish I was for the 6am metcon.  I’ll try to not make that mistake again.  Like, ever.


Fri. Oct. 24:

Part 1. Front Squats: 10-8-6-4-2
Part 2. 2 Rounds of:
200m Front Rack Kettlebell Carry (53/35)
50 AbMat Sit-ups

Result – Part 1 :   #85-95-115-125-130

Got into a group of 3 for the front squats today with 2 of my fav. WOD buddies 🙂  We discussed things and decided to start at #85 and baby step things up to et through all 30 squats.  During the 8’s, Coach Sharon caught on to our “safe” approach and charged over to our rack on a mission.  “You 3 are all the same!  You don’t know what it feels like to FAIL cause you choose your loading carefully enough to know you can succeed!  Not today!!”  she said.  As I was pulling a #5 off the bar to replace with a #10, “Add the #10.  AND the #5.”  Gulp!  But there’s no arguing Coach Sharon, although I never would anyway.  I trust her and Dave more than I trust myself.  While the jump from #95 to #115 was a big one, it was doable.  The next jump up to #125 was a bit of a shock and while I didn’t fail and drop the bar, I got too deep in my squat on rep 3 and panicked a little resulting in a 4th rep that was borderline not deep enough.  It was just the push we needed 🙂  Thanks Coach Sharon!


Thurs. Oct. 23:

“Death by Power Clean”
20 Minute Running Clock
On the 1st Minute – 1 Power Clean
On the 2nd Minute – 2 Power Cleans
On the 3rd Minute – 3 Power Cleans
Rx Weights – 135/95   #85
Continue as far as possible. If unable to complete a set, start over with 1 rep until total time is called.

The “death by ____” WODs are so deceiving.  1st minute = little effort + LOTS of rest.  By round 7 my effort was taking up pretty much the WHOLE minute :-p.  Made it to round 9 before starting over at 1.  Although I had hoped to at least make it to 10, I had also loaded my bar up with #75 until I turned around and saw my girl SP had #85.  Competitive?  Me?  Ya, guilty.  But it’s all good 🙂  We give each other that little extra push to be awesome.  #bebetter



Mon. Oct. 20:

Tonight I’m on my way to a Tues-Wed GM conference in Markham. It’s at a pretty cool facility where everything we could possibly need for the 2 days is all there. Hotel, amazing buffet style restaurant that actually has lots of options I can eat, conference halls, a bar/games room for evening “team-building” 😉 BUT… it also means no CFD Tues-Wed. Don’t you worry… it also gives me personal justification for the fact that I worked out Fri-Mon. 😉 Today was a dose of Fight Gone Bad. Yes, my crying WOD. No tears this time!! Also no PR 😦 Maybe tears=PR? haha!

“Fight Gone Bad”
3 rounds for Max Reps:
1:00 Wall Balls (20/14)   #10
1:00 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (75/55)   #35
1:00 Box Jumps (20″)
1:00 Push Presses (75/55)   #45
1:00 Rowing for Calories
1:00 Rest

Result – 301

Ok, so I scaled this one.  But Sunday when we did one of Coach Dave’s “treats” post-WOD which included a pile of wallballs, I learned catching the ball had my ribs screaming at me.  So I went a bit lighter and just kept moving!


 Sun. Oct. 19:

0:00- 20:00 Minutes: Work up to a HEAVY Double Snatch   #65

20:00 Minutes- 22:00 Minutes: REST

22:00 Minutes- 32: 00 Minutes AMRAP in 10 Minutes, Teams of 2:

20- Snatches #115/#85   #35

20- Snatches #125/#95   #40

20- Snatches #135/#105 #45

20- Snatches #145/#115 #55

20- Snatches #155/#125 #65

MAX REPS- Snatches #175/#135 #65 x 3

Amazing what happens when you add the time element to a movement.  The first 20 minutes of working up to a HEAVY double snatch were pathetic.  My brain just wouldn’t connect to the movement.  It was ugly.  Then when we got to part 2 and the 3, 2, 1 GO!  Suddenly everything clicked.  Don’t get me wrong, they were super light, but suddenly I was able to move the bar quickly and properly.  I paired up with a newer athlete cause my ribs were still not 100% so I figured it was a good opportunity to go lighter and just focus on form and my plan worked out perfectly 🙂  Unfortunate we weren’t able to move through the first 5×20 of the AMRAP quicker to get more time for the MAX REPS round, but it’s all good 🙂  Next time.



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