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A little R & R


Ok, more like a lot! Rest can turn into rest-less in excess. Unless you’re new here, you should know how well (noooo) I deal with ONE rest day… But we were in paradise ūüôā so I’m not really complaining. ¬†Just might be looking to shake things up a bit next time around.

My mom and I have always believed¬†that we travel well together.¬† Both non-drinkers and not huge into the party all night scene.¬† We both enjoy exercising while on vacation, walking on the beach¬†and falling into a routine of early morning coffees and lunch at the beach BBQ.¬† Yet the last few years I’ve felt like there was an incompatibility that I just couldn’t put my finger on.¬† I think this time around it came to me…¬† I think everyone goes on vacation with a specific purpose or goal.¬† And I think it’s deeper than just the general “I like adventure!” or “I just want to relax” cause while we both went into each of the trips we’ve taken together preaching a common goal of relaxation. Yet there were smaller intricacies that were just not¬†satisfied.¬† I realized this year what my mom’s entire trip motivation is, and got a clearer understanding of my own by recognizing what it isn’t!


My mom is a sun worshiper.¬† That is ALL that’s on her mind while on vacation.¬† Comments such as “I just want to sizzle and fry!” or “When the sun’s out, I don’t want to go for lunch/to the beach/for a walk/(insert anything that doesn’t involve laying on a pool chair cooking yourself)” were frequently dropped.¬† A sun worshiper’s MAIN goal while on vacation is to come back tanned the darkest shade humanly possible.¬† And it’s never enough. ¬†While I DO enjoy the sunshine, and got myself caught up in two enjoyable books while away, I’m not sure I fall into the sun worshiper category.


The joke for years has been – Better finish that book before the trip is over! ¬†Cause I’m not likely to touch it again until the next vacation. It’s sad, but true. ¬†Took me two years to finish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo… It’s as if vacation is the¬†only time when my mind can detach enough from the 100s of other things that swim around in there in everyday life to focus on reading. ¬†So as the days wore on, and the pool chair boredom grew, these moments became more and more frequent.


My MAIN goal for my¬†vacationing is – a memorable vacation.¬† I like to come back and have lots of great memories ūüôā¬† Don’t get me wrong, there are a few!¬† Haha!¬† Like… one of the bartenders from the swim up bar asked me to marry him. ¬†A few times. ¬†Poor guy… I didn’t have the heart to tell him he was barking way up the wrong tree. ¬†He wanted me to stay in the Dominican with him and the minute I got off the plane in Toronto and heard we were forecast to have -30 degree wind chill for much of the weekend, I considered getting right back on! ¬†One thing I’ve always wanted to do since I was pretty young was go horseback riding along the beach. ¬†It almost happened this year! There was a place within walking distance from the resort where we could have joined a group, but I without boring you with the details, it didn’t happen. ¬†Next time it WILL!

Anyways… Before I fall into my old habits of leaving a post in the draft phase eternally, I’ll just share a few picks that speak for themselves. Riu Bachata, Puerto Plata was amazing ūüôā ¬†I’d recommend it to anyone and hope to get back there again one day.


Mmmmm…. Coffee ūüôā



Last note – entirely random useless fact… If you’re a chocolate covered almond fan, good for you. I’m not. I think they taste like dirt. Anyways, ever bit one in half just enough that the chocolate pulls off the almond? ¬†Those are some ugly looking nuts! I’m not talking occasionally either, it seems to be a common occurrence. The reject nuts become your beloved treat. Someone one day must have said “what am I to do with the gnarly looking almonds that no one will want to eat? I know!! I’ll dress them up all fancy with a chocolate coat!” ¬†Don’t judge a book by its chocolate cover? I will, thank you! ¬†You’re not fooling me. ¬†Chocolate covered dirt.


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