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In motion

Some days it just feels like I’m stuck going through the motions. Get up, get dressed, go to work… but I’m not in a job I want to continue going through the motions with right now. I mean, I like what I’m doing generally, but it’s not the career I see myself in. I had a good job.  One I worked really hard to earn but it was taken from me, so now I’m trying to figure out what’s next. Starting next week I’ve stepped down at Sport Chek to part time again and will start something new. I’m both nervous about it and pretty excited, so hopefully it can become what we’re hoping it will 🙂 Also will give me the opportunity to go back to school, which I’m really excited about!

Took the whole weekend off from crossfit after Friday’s WOD pretty much flattened Amanda and I. Went for a hike Saturday instead 🙂 and played ball hockey last night as usual. Well… kinda.  I played defence for the first time in a long time and enjoyed it! Lol! Also badly needed a good crockpot weekend to replenish our lunches stash.  Last week there was a drought in that regard and the freezer needed to be restocked! After both crocks running Saturday making chicken curry and again Sunday with chili and a beef/vegetable mixture we’re good to go!

Friday July 14:


Right up until the 3, 2, 1 GO!!! I didn’t want to do this one.  At all.  But once I got going it wasn’t that bad.  Got through the 15’s and 12’s and my mind calmed a little knowing the remaining rounds were less than 10 Reps each.  Sometimes it’s really just a head game to convince yourself to make it through.  I certainly wasn’t fast, but Rx on this one was a huge victory for me!! 90 pull-ups!? Yeeeah!  Thankfully my hands didn’t rip up the first set of 3, but the last set ended in bloody palms.  Hate that 😕 And another reason there was no WODs happening over the weekend! After a round of Krazy Glu to hold my wounds closed I survived the work day, but at night my hands were kinda angry.



sleep, eat, WOD, repeat

Game plan update – I’m still working to figure out what needs to be done and how to make it happen.  Pretty sure the minute Jen said I need to eat more my stomach was right on board.  I’ve been hungrier than ever since lol!  I may need to raise chickens somewhere cause I’m eating like double what I used to.  One success so far, I haven’t even looked at a Quest bar since Friday.  Peanut butter is a work in progress, but I’ll get there.  I decided that’s the lesser of 3 evils and I have a partner in crime when it comes to peanut butter from the jar with a spoon…

Wed. Aug. 10:

With a running clock, every minute perform 1 lift and add 10lbs.
Start with an empty barbell and Snatch for as long as possible.
Once you cannot snatch the weight, Clean for as long as possible.
 Once you cannot clean the weight, Deadlift for as long as possible.
Max weights – 85 / 110 / 245

Just mentioned to Amanda Monday night that I feel like I haven’t seen the snatch in a workout for ever!  Today felt good.  I loved the format of this workout and even though I kinda had hopes to PR something, it wasn’t happening today but at least I came very close.  Matched my current snatch 1RM and fell 5lbs shy of my deadlift 1RM.  The dead was almost 30 minutes in, so all good.  First attempt at 245 I could swear the plates were glued to the ground!  Shot Dave a WTF?!?! look, he responded “CHALK!!”, so I chalked up and lifted the bar.  It wasn’t pretty, certainly wasn’t fast, but I got it up.

Tues. Aug. 9:

Morning WOD with my girl at CFC 🙂

Buy in – 3 round:
 8 back squats  #125
5 front squats
 10 jumping lunges (per leg)

WOD – for time:
400m Run
30- KBS #16kg
 30- Sit-ups
300m Run
 30- KBS
30 Sit-ups
200m Run
 30- KBS
30- Sit-ups
 100m Run
30- KBS
30- Sit-ups
 Time – 15:25

When I first read this one I wasn’t super-pumped, but I totally liked it!  Third day of testing Jen’s “timing” methods and the squats felt really good.  Maybe the sweet potato helped?  Not out of bed early enough for the full 2 hours pre-WOD, but I guess by the time we warmed up and actually started lifting it wasn’t too far off.  The WOD was a sweat fest 🙂  Kept all of the KBS unbroken except for the last round which I had to split to 15/15 cause my hands were slipping.  Also getting into the habit of American (overhead) swings where I always used to only go to eye-level.  My shoulder was angry the first few times but seems to be getting over it.

Mon. Aug. 8:

AMRAP 14:00 Minutes
7- Muscle Ups  (transitions)
50- Wallballs 20/14
100- Double Unders  (200 singles)

Result – 2 rounds + 25 wallballs (finished 3rd round after time expired)

15.3 flashback??  Except the scaled version eliminated the muscle ups all together and left me pretty wrecked for like 2 days.  So… 150 wallballs was enough today and skipped the “balls to the wall” effort level the Open brings out 😉

Sat. Aug. 6:

CFC Partner WOD – for time:   
400m Run
300m Run
KB Swings
 Goblet Squats

 200m Run
Lunges (per leg)
100m Run

**Both work at same time.  Ex. partner A does 21 wallballs while partner B does 21 burpees, then switch.  When both have completed 21’s, both move on to 15’s, etc.
Time – 25:40

Pushed Amanda a bit with this one 🙂  No scheduled rest and when your partner is a speed demon through pretty much every movement there really is NO rest :p  What goes around comes around, I know.  One day she’ll return the favour.

out of gas

I started this rant nearly a week ago.  Since then, I’m in a better head space and gaining momentum towards the goal I set then.  Ironically enough Coach Dave threw a little nutrition speech in at the end of this morning’s WOD!  I’m happy with the routine I’m rebuilding.  Prepping good clean food and avoiding cheats.  On the weekend I was totally on track despite a wedding on Saturday.  The only mistakes I made were a lack of preparation Friday and Sunday meant missing dinner.  Well, not entirely true… my girl packed a bag of snap peas and carrots for me at her soccer game Friday night.  Not the best dinner, but at least it was something.  Starved a little on Saturday as well I guess considering dinner was at 6 and we danced till 10 then all headed to Niagara Falls to play like little kids in the arcade till 2am lol!  Anyways… last night at ball hockey I wasn’t speedy at ALL and this morning I felt tired and flat.  Clean fuel, but not enough.  At least my water consumption was top shelf 🙂  And I survived the whole wedding in pants that I wasn’t sure I’d get my butt in to.

Mon. July 11

 For Time:
50- DB Snatches
5- Rope climbs

40- DB Snatches

4- Rope climbs

30- DB Snatches

3- Rope climbs

20- DB Snatches

2- Rope climbs

10- DB Snatches

1- Rope climb

#70/#50  #25

Time – 18:56 (I think!)

So gross!!  SO over rope climbs!!  We’ve seen them 3 Mondays in a row now… Anywho, my goal was complete them all without scaling so successful I guess!

Fri. July 8

OTM for 20:00 Minutes:
Odd Minutes: Row Calories 20/15
Even Minutes: 15- Box Jumps 24/20
Rest 10:00 Minutes

2 Rounds of:
30- Handstand Pushups
20- Squat Cleans #155/#105  #75

Amanda came with me today for her first “real” WOD with the big kids 🙂  She has nearly completed the intro program at Crossfit Connection in Burlington and suggested working out together this morning.  There will be no sand-bagging when my chick is sitting on the rower beside me… part 1 almost killed me lol!  Then part 2 started awesome… my handstand push-ups felt great, to the extent I started with a good set of 10, then in my second set my sweaty hands started to slide on the floor.  No problem!  Chalk to the rescue!  For 3 more reps, then the sliding happened again!!  So frustrating when things are actually going well… realized after that I should have used a few plates for better grip but it didn’t come to me at the time 😦  Anyways… fought my way thru as many HSPU as I could before scaling and built an intricate series of knots along my upper right back/trap/shoulder.  Thumbs down to that.

Tues. July 5

Down this road again… Seriously though, I don’t know what went “wrong” that got me off the path in the first place, but something has to change.  I can’t keep buying new clothes cause the ones from last year don’t fit anymore and I don’t want to dread a pool party with my friends cause there’s bathing suit wearing involved. I don’t want to start the whole weight loss battle again, but I also don’t want to be here. Anywho… It starts today. The last few months I’ve been disappointed in myself for the weight I’ve put on, but more exercise alone doesn’t seem to be helping. I mean, come on! I’m running 3 times a week at least on top of crossfit AND ball hockey and certainly not losing anything. My Fitness Pal and I are becoming reacquainted.

kitten kaboodle

Well,  last week my post never made it out of the draft phase it seems. Summer is exciting and busy and exhausting and typically a time when my writing falls short, but no one wants to read my crap when the sun is shining bright for like 23 hours a day anyways.  I’m only writing now cause strangely enough I actually have an evening with nothing going on, and I need a short breather from my guitar. Just short though. LOVE ❤

Holy mother of… my legs just stopped cursing me yesterday from gym day with DK eons ago. Just in time for a partner WOD with my girl involving rowing, box jumps and wallballs. Rope climbed again this morning and at least I can confidently say it went way better than last Monday! And yesterday I walked 4 steps on my hands :). Not really a whole lot else new to share… I spent 3 minutes sitting in the penalty box last night for a crime I had no part in, yet when a player tried to take my helmet off with her ELBOW… No call. Shit’s bananas.


^^^ I’m ADDICTED to kabobs 🙂 don’t usually wrap my chicken in bacon… But Canada’s birthday is a pretty big deal.  BBQ with the Hamilton ball hockey crew was awesome, then Toronto on Saturday for Pride which isn’t at all the same now that all of my friends would rather stay home and veg than come out and I wasn’t even slightly drunk. Still time with my chick, so can’t go wrong.


This week has been awesome and scattered and pretty brutal on my body :p  After the comp last Saturday, I played a pretty intense sweat-fest ball hockey game Sunday night.  I think my legs were actually appreciative of the run to loosen things up.  Kept that ball rolling Monday with an easy 5k run before work, but after that turned up the heat again.  Tuesday made it to the box for a 6am WOD, then before Sport Chek I headed to get my new sticker for my car.  Got to the Service Ontario office… saw the 50 people in line… NOPE!  Turned around and left.  Anyways, this just meant I had even more time to run before my Chek shift 🙂  10k later… yeah.  Wednesday I was planning to go to the box after work, but DK convinced me to come join him for his hypertrophy leg workout.

Tues. June 28:

AMRAP in 30:00 Minutes
1- Rope Climb
MAX set of Unbroken pushups  x10
20 seconds hollow rocks

Rounds – 11

Hard to say positive things about this one.  My arms and legs were still pretty tired from the weekend, to the point it kinda felt like I’d never rope climbed a day in my life.  Round 4 I’m pretty sure I slid most of the way down. There was a scaling option with a sled and some plates that I turned to after that.

Wed. June 29:

Supersets – 4 rounds of each, 2 min. rest between

12 Back Squat  #95
 12 Leg Press  #180
12 Leg Extension  #85
12 Walking Lunges (per leg)  #25 plate overhead

12 Laying hamstring curl  #65
12 Back extension   #25 plate

There was another group of exercises, but after 2 hours at the gym I was DONE.  And soooo hungry, so I called it a day and went home.  Got home after 10:00, downed a protein powder/water combo after searching my fridge for something edible and coming up with nothing, then pretty much went to bed.  With super wobbly legs that wanted no part of carrying my hungry/grumpy butt up the stairs.

Thurs. June 30:

3 Rounds for Time:
400m Run
12- Deadlifts #275/#185   #125
21- Box Jumps, 24/20

Time – 12:13  <- slow as molasses

“Active recovery”.  That’s what I’m calling this cause my legs were still a mixture of angry and utterly confused from last night’s take-a-step-back-in-time workout.  I haven’t done something like that in a looooong time and I can honestly say it wasn’t a “damn I miss this!” feeling in the slightest!  Machines just don’t feel natural…  And I really like working with a barbell 🙂

stop stalling

Finding the perfect title shouldn’t be the make or break…

Today I’m actually being responsible ish and taking a partial rest day.  Like, I went to the 6am WOD but am NOT going for a run as well.  It sucks.  Or I suck at this.  Or whatever… Anyways SP called me out for limping into the box this morning and I will admit that although I’ve managed to coast along in a state of just slightly injured for quite some time now, I need a little break before it becomes just injured.  10 days from the next CFD comp… Can’t have that!! So I’m sitting on my little postage stamp sized balcony writing random chaos and working on some pretty awkward tan lines.  I don’t get to see the sun as often as I’d like… I’ll take it 🙂  By the way, I did sit on my couch last night with ice packs on my sore hips and put in a good effort foam rolling my angry IT band this morning so I should get some brownie points for that as well.  And today’s WOD didn’t really include legs…

Tues. June 14:

4 sets of:
Row 25/20 Calories
Rest 1:00 Between Rounds

Bench Press: Every 2:30 seconds perform: 3-3-3-3-3-3-3


Dumbbell Bent Over Rows: 10-10-10 #25
Dumbbell-Weighted Abmat GHD Sit-Ups: 15-15-15

GHD sit-ups cause it’s going to be one hell of a long time before anyone is going to talk me into weighted abmat sit-ups again.  Still recovering from last Tuesday, and I like the GHD 🙂 We worked in groups for the bench press part cause we only have 3 benches.  I was pretty happy I kept up will Coach Rachel up until the very end.  I got 1 rep at 115, then couldn’t get the bar more than like 3 inches above my chest.  Still pumped 110 felt totally doable.


Florence and the Machine concert Friday night was AWESOME 🙂 don’t know why I didn’t take a camera… So unlike me… But the crowd was like nothing I’ve ever seen at the Molson Amphitheater before! To stand and look out over the lawn section was like looking at a where’s Waldo game.  Nothing but a sea of heads.

This might be just my sleep-deprived brain speaking, but I’m considering I might need a rest day.  On the bright side, it’s been a good ride 🙂 I have still been taking Wednesday and Sunday off from the box typically, but Wednesday has become my longer run day and Sunday is also run-my-butt-off at ball hockey. Saturday’s that I have to work I get a run in before my shift, and the ones I don’t work have been partner WOD days with my chick 🙂


Right?  Well… Even though I played a great game last night, including scoring our only goal, I felt like my shoes were filled with cement for a chunk of the first period.  May have been a lack of pre-game fuel… Brought a normal breakfast to work, but didn’t consider lunch or the fact that I had to race right after work to get to my 6:00 game… Peas and coffee got me through.  Odd combo, but I’ve come up with worse…


Came home and slept crappy, then got up at 4:30 to head to the box. Not much gas in the tank, but got through a challenging WOD and fell into my now typical routine of straight from the box to a run. For at least 10 minutes my body questioned “are you effed?!?!” But got over it for the rest of my pretty casual 5k.  I’m just tired.  Tonight is pretty low key though so there’s opportunity to actually get to bed at a reasonably early time 🙂

Mon. June 13:

5 Rounds, 1 Round is 3 Min followed by 3:00 Minute Rest:
30- Air Squats
20- Deadlifts #155/#105  #85
10- Shoulder to Overhead (Press/Push Press/Push Jerk/Split Jerk) #155/#105. #85
Remaining time in that 3 min Max Meters on the Rower

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this one. After round 1 it hit me that there were still 4 more. The air squats and deads happened pretty quick, but the shoulder to overhead was tough. Shaved things down to #75 for the last round when my push jerk went out the window

nice surprise

Generally speaking, good start to the week 🙂  Got to the box this morning feeling like a bit of a zombie after not falling asleep till later than usual.  Just couldn’t get myself to wind down from hockey.  Speaking of hockey… I got to the arena a bit early for once cause our game wasn’t till 7:00.  Was standing watching the game before ours when someone gently grabbed my arm.  I casually turned around and Amanda’s smile was waiting for me.  🙂  Nicest surprise!

Ok so today… grumbled to myself through the warm-up, but once it came time for the WOD I got into my rhythm more.  Failed a bunch of reps in part 1 and maybe it was cause I was too tired to argue with myself, but I didn’t get all stuck in my head and have to walk away.  Tried again, sometimes twice… but PR BABY!!!  Ok, we were supposed to keep them power cleans and I squatted the heavy ones, but still!!  Looking back at things now, today was a pretty big deal.  One of my biggest challenges when cleans get heavy is getting under the bar fast enough and catching the landing.  Today a few were caught really low and I still didn’t panic and bail 🙂  Another nice surprise!  Maybe I should lift with a tired brain more often?  Hmmm… maybe not.  As for part 2… #95 is the new #75 😉  The first few rounds weren’t pretty at all.  After a pile of squat cleans I felt like I’d forgotten how to power clean, but survived.

Mon. May 30:

With a running clock starting at:
0:00- 25:00 Minutes: Find a 1 RM Power Clean   #120
25:00 Minutes- 30:00 Minutes: REST
30:00 Minutes- OTM for 10:00 Minutes:
2- HEAVY Power Cleans   #95

*last minute: MAX reps  8

Post WOD – 5km run (NOT fast and not really fun, but DONE)

After my run is where the morning went from good to generally good.  Stretched and wandered to the change room to shower with my head down looking at something on my phone.  Looked up enough in the change room to think “why is there a dude in here?!?!” Then it sunk in that the real question was “why is there a chick in here?!”  Yup.  I walked right in to the men’s.  Well, I was wide awake after that!!  And pretty embarrassed although I’m not sure how many people even noticed.

Saturday Amanda finally came to check out a WOD with me 🙂  I never pushed or bugged.  Crossfit has enough of a reputation on its own for being cult-like at times and although I really wanted to try working out with my chick, I wanted it to be her idea.  I was so little-kid-excited when I got the text “so… I’m curious about crossfit”!  Anyways, when the Saturday WOD was posted I was kinda bummed out cause it lacked any and all of the crossfit movements that are fun and exciting and different from anything else one could try, but we still enjoyed it 🙂  Even the airdyne wasn’t entirely horrible (although I would have picked the row).

Sat. May 28:

In Teams of 2, AMRAP in 30:00 Minutes
1 Mile Run
150 Burpees
150 Calories Row/Air Dyne
*Must run together
*Partition reps and calories as needed

Result – 124 cal. Airdyne

Pretty impressed with my chick 🙂  Not a gym person and generally only really runs in short bursts chasing a soccer ball, but together we did pretty awesome on this one!  I picked up more of the burpees around the half-way point, but everything else was shared pretty evenly.  The partner WOD concept is a work in progress.  Leaving your partner standing around waiting for 3 minutes of the airdyne isn’t ideal… then I just feel like I need to put in 3 minutes and want to die after 1.  “Coast” just isn’t in my vocab.  Although I kept the same calorie count in my minute as my partner got in 3, so I didn’t feel like a slacker in my own mind at least and I kept that info to myself cause I was really just happy to get my girl out to the box!


First… if you read this and have Instagram, PLEASE take 18 seconds to “like” this post!!  I’m trying to demonstrate the positive impact a dog can have in a workplace:

Second… WHY does the Prowler kick my butt so bad??  Seriously?  I mean, it’s been pretty heavy the last 2 times we’ve pushed it but it destroys me.  After my 4th round today I crumbled to my knees for a good 30 seconds before I could stand up again.  Dirty.  Then there were HEAVY deadlifts?!  #175 felt ridiculous today, which it should not!  **note – there was a lot of sarcasm in there (as usual), cause as much as I hated the WOD, I probably loved it more.  30 handstand push-ups sweetened the deal for sure.

Good weekend, hope yours was too!  Ball hockey double header on Friday was another love/hate situation.  The second game had a donkey on the other team who whacked at me with his stick a few times until I told him to eff off.  My foot is black from one of his hits.  Dude?!  Came home Saturday to work, but went back to Burlington Saturday night to see Amanda sing/play with a friend’s band 🙂  Then a surprise guitar lesson Sunday before jam session.  Not sure how I feel about lessons with a friend, but it was a thoughtful idea which could turn out awesome in time.  My nerd in Kitchener just taught me so much in my first month of lessons… and didn’t try to force theory down my throat.

One thing that helps make Mondays more awesome – they are the start of 4 crossfit days in a row 🙂  I’m still an addict.

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