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put down the hockey stick and write something!

So, I’ve not been  spewing my random useless ideas as much as I would generally like to lately because I’m working on something and it will hopefully make up for my “absence”…

OH!  And I totally blew it by gushing about how wonderful spring is and how full of life it makes me feel and ya-da, ya-da… cause the last few days have felt damn like winter!  There was snow on my beautiful landscapes as I was driving in to work today.  Thumbs down.  My world is currently pretty ram-jammed with hockey too.  In terms of playing it, we are in the transition between seasons this week which means I played Sunday in Acton, play again tonight in Downsview, play again Thursday in Malton, and then should be back in Acton for another game on Sunday.  Missing that one for Ange’s inventory though, which I’m sure my body will thank her for a bit.  PLUS, being me, ya know I will cram a few gym sessions in there in between hockey days :p

Speaking of hockey, is this not the “best seat in the house” for Stanley Cup Playoff watching??  (Please ignore my random apartment clutter!)

Even though my playoff pool draft team seems to be made up of an exceptionally awful group (most of who will be golfing now as they’ve already been knocked out in the first round) watching the game from the seat of my spin bike at least feels as though I’m being productive, even when they’re not!


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