one day it'll all make sense.

When today’s WOD was done, I was relieved.  I survived another round of this crazy sh*t.  But when I got back to my store I soon realized that even though all the physical work is done, there’s so much more that can follow…  It starts with the ravenousness that thankfully I was able to tame with a chunk of sweet potato and a meatloaf “muffin” that I had packed as “in case of hunger emergency” snacks. Also had steak and Brussels sprouts for lunch, but it was too early for that!  Then I’d starve all afternoon if I ate that!  Sometimes I’m hungry all day long. I hate those days :p

All day I thought about the workout at random intervals.  Sometimes to pat myself on the back for toughing it out when I wanted to cry or just run away :p  sometimes to think about areas which I need to put some work into improving (“open your HIPS Kate!” Continues to follow me around…)  Sometimes to appreciate just how hard my body had worked, such as when it came time to climb the stairs to the lunchroom. But the train of thought I found kinda interesting was the one that reflected on how I deal with challenging sh*t on a mental level.  I keep telling myself “you got this.  You won’t let this workout beat you.”  And when it gets really tough, like rounds 4-6 of power cleans today, I block out the other people around me.  Nt sure this is the best option, but when I’m fighting my hardest to make it through, I “hide”.  No eye contact doesn’t let anyone but me see the struggle.  See how hard I’m fighting…

Everyone has their own methods, mine I think I’m still figuring out.


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